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Katana for NinjaOne release!

We released the first stable version of Katana for NinjaOne, a browser extension that extends the functionality of NinjaOne by adding dark theme support and a customizable button to devices that will allow you to send an HTTP POST request to a set endpoint with the devices ID in the POST body.

The source for this extension is avalable on Github and will be expanded upon in the future. The extension is available in the Microsoft Edge Add-on store, Google Chrome webstore and since the 1.0.0 release it's also available in the Firefox store!

If you want to test the latest verion before it's released to the stores you will need to install the extension manually using a zip of the bin folder in the Github repository. Follow the link for your browser for an article on how to sideload a extension:
Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome

This extension was first intended for internal use only, but in trying to roll out the extenion via policies I realized it had to be added to the store. At that point I decided to make the extension more feature-complete and customizable to suit everyone's needs. At this point Nathan joined in to make this happen.
When working on this we decided to add a dark theme option, because that is not a native feature, and because of that we also rebranded the extension from Trigger+ to Katana for NinjaOne.

Katana for NinjaOne popup

Dataverse for NinjaOne release

We released the updated version of Dataverse for Ninjaone on Github. This updated version includes all of the endpoints available in the NinjaOne public API. With this Dataverse source you can interact with the NinjaOne public API via Microsoft Power Autoamte and Power Apps which allows you to easily create low-code applications and workflows in your company.

The source for this datasource alongside a tutorial on how to set it up are available on GitHub.

Dataverse for NinjaOne actions in Power Automate


Vertc is the publishing name used by Johan Aantjes aka TargetCrafter for software development and other projects.

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